Shredtown | “Pallets”

Remember when every rail was a foam filled PVC pipe? Scott Byerly‘s section in Twelve Honkeys immediately comes to mind. Enter Shredtown a decade later. This Texas crew made a name for themselves by dishing out creative displays of homegrown rail riding and well, people took notice. It seems these guys have made rails out of everything under the sun except PVC. Their new edit, appropriately titled “Pallets” continues this tradition and proves that a little creativity/ingenuity go a long way. Props to the guys at Shredtown for keeping it creative, refreshing, and most of all fun.

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The New 2012 Slingshot Product Is In!

Slingshot, the originators of flex technology, has really been making a push over the course of the past couple of seasons…and their 2012 line continues to explore the boundaries of wakeboard construction and performance.


Possibly the cornerstone of the 2012 Slingshot line is the new Keith Lyman Pro Model.  Evolving from the Ballistic Line, Keith Lyman’s all new state of the art pro model combines the most powerful core available with multiple molded base features to generate intense speed and explosive pop.  But, you don’t have to ride like Keith to appreciate his board…as the 2012 Lyman has proven to be very rider-friendly.




It’s common for a top-level riders like Keith Lyman to get their own pro model wakeboards, but a pro model for a crew of riders is unheard of…until now.  As one of the most revolutionary crews in wakeboarding, Shredtown has taken our sport to a new level.  Progression on that level demands the durability and performance that only Slingshot can deliver.  This all new board board does it all…and is officially Shredtown approved. Read More >