Scott Stewart x Jackson Hole

BuyWake and Hyperlite pro, Scott Stewart, recently left sunny Florida behind for a trip to Jackson Hole, WY.

“There was an amazing amount of powder.” Scott explains. “Snowing all day heavy, almost everyday and everyone was just riding non stop.”

If you didn’t know, Scott is a man of many trades: surfing, snowboarding, wakeboarding and skateboarding at an elite level. Here are some pics from his recent trip.

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Nick Ennen: Pro Snowboarder

Nick Ennen is one of the most ambitious riders I’ve ever met. The words “too far”, “too cold”, or “too early” simply don’t exist to him. Even in the Winter, his drive doesn’t cease.

“I live for the seasons, ya know?” Nick explains. “I live for Summertime to be out on the water and I live for being in the mountains in the Winter.”

Nick first burst into the wake scene in the BFY Production‘s flick My Side back in 2003. Since then Nick has become the Deion Sanders of sun and snow – juggling two professional sports careers successfully during their respective seasons. Go behind the scenes with Nick and see what it’s like being one of the busiest athletes in the game. Read More >

Winter Cross-training in Luxury

The renowned film collective Brain Farm, known for putting out revolutionary full-length snowboard videos, teamed up with snowboarder Rob Kingwill to produce this commercial for Mercedes Benz. Flat snowboarding is an interesting concept. We wish Rob would have tried the “superman”, though.



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