The 2021 Body Glove Moxie Pro Series Cable Finals

Photos by Chance Huffschmidt

It’s been a long time coming for an event like the Body Glove Moxie Pro Series. The amount of support and engagement for an all women competition like this has been absolutely incredible. Starting with the online submissions all the way to the championship stop at Terminus Wakepark, this series has been filled with some amazing riding that has shown the world that women’s cable riding has gained a new caliber of technicality and style.

Finals Podium: 1st Place - Jamie Lopina, 2nd Place - Rivers Hedrick, 3rd Place - Julia Rick
Finals Podium: 1st Place – Jamie Lopina, 2nd Place – Rivers Hedrick, 3rd Place – Julia Rick

Kicking off the final stop of the series, the day started off with plenty of activities including a Body Glove SUP morning yoga class, foods trucks, and free beer, which added some extra spice to the mix that made you reminisce about some of the pre-pandemic pro competitions that we all remember and love. As for the women in this contest, they knew the assignment and took it to a whole other level. You could tell from some of the practice sessions that the riders were pushing themselves and testing new lines to hopefully take home the gold. Aside from the competition itself, the level of support that each of the women competitors had for each other throughout the day was like nothing I have ever seen before. Win or lose, these women were cheering each other on and keeping the hype on the dock at an all-time high. Read More >

2016 Georgia Wake Series | Dates & Details

Looks like wakeboarding is in good hands starting in 2016!  If you are looking to get into competitive wake with your peers then you will want to give this a shot!  Only a few stops this year, but we are sure there will be more in the future!

Georgia Wake Series

Media Contact: [email protected]

Action Event Group, LLC Announces 2016 Amateur Georgia Wake Tour

Atlanta, Georgia (January 12, 2016) – Action Event Group, LLC announced today the inaugural season of the 2016 Georgia Wake
Series, a World Wakeboard Association sanctioned tour and state championship. The five stop tour will deliver events across the state
of Georgia, world class riding conditions and tow boats, a format for riders of all skill levels and disciplines, a stop at Atlanta’s premier
wake-park, and the largest collection of prizes ever seen in Georgia wakeboarding.
Home to one of the highest concentrations of wake-enthusiasts in the country, Georgia has long been in need of a refreshed amateur
wakeboard tour – a tour that acts as a natural step to Regional, National, and Professional events, and a tour that gives back to the
participants. With local and industry support, the Georgia Wake Series will fulfill these needs by providing an avenue for competition,
camaraderie, and fun for the many families who create the fabric of the wake community.
The Georgia Wake Series will debut on a private wakeboard lake in Rome, ensuring pristine conditions for all participants. Next, the
tour will make its way to the towers and turf of Terminus Wake Park, integrating the progressive segment of cable riding. The tour will
then travel south to the glassy waters of the Flint River for the largest grassroots charity tournament in the state, WakeFest GA. Lake
Lanier’s Rowing Venue routes the tour back north for the fourth stop. The Rowing Venue is no-wake with special access only to the
Georgia Wake Series. Georgia’s 2016 season concludes with the Georgia Wake Series State Championship, a two-day finale crowning
the winners of the season. And to the victors go the spoils.
For 2016, the Georgia Wake Series is carrying more than $10,000.00 in prizes alone from companies like Ambush Board Co,
WaterSports Central, Pull Watersports, GA Wakeboard Lessons, CWB, Oakley, Terminus Wake Park, and Hyperlite. If that’s not
enough, Liquid Force has a spot up for grabs on their regional team in 2017- offered to the most deserving rider in this year’s
series. Who knows. You didn’t know about us until now; there may be another trick or two up our sleeve. Either way, the Georgia Wake
Series is excited for 2016 and looks forward to having you, your family and your friends for a season of fun, family friendly events.
Keep in contact for updates, new sponsors, registration, and more! Follow the Georgia Wake Series on Facebook, Instagram, and
Twitter. For information on how to participate and support, visit

2016 Georgia Wake Series Dates / Locations:
• Stop 1: May 14, 2016 – Rome, GA – private lake
• Stop 2: June 18, 2016 – Cartersville, GA – Terminus Wake Park
• Stop 3: June 25-26, 2016 – Albany, GA – WakeFest GA (wakeboard contest Sat., wakesurf demo Sun.)
• Stop 4: July 23-24, 2016 – Gainesville, GA – Lake Lanier Rowing Club (wakeboard contest Sat., wakesurf demo Sun.)
• Stop 5: August 13-14, 2016 – Rome, GA – State Championship

Georgia Wake Series Sponsors:
Ambush Board Co. – – WaterSports Central – Pull Watersports – GA Wakeboard Lessons – Terminus Wake Park
AVC Marine – CWB Board Co – Hyperlite – Liquid Force – Kim Chapman Allstate Insurance – Oakley – Allatoona Adventures

About Wakefest GA
WakeFest is Georgia’s largest grassroots wakeboard tournament. Taking place in Albany, Georgia on Lake Chehaw, WakeFest is
coordinated entirely for the benefit of those in need in the local community. As a 501(c)(3) organization, WakeFest GA, Inc. is a tax
exempt organization and operates exclusively for charitable purposes.

About Action Event Group, LLC
Action Event Group is an event planning and marketing company with one mission in mind – to provide a comprehensive experience.
Imagined in 2015, the Action Event Group found a need in local competitions, especially on the amateur level. With over half a century
of combined experience, Action Event Group’s leadership and staff provide the best services in the industry.

About the WWA
The World Wakeboard Association is the global leader in wake sports sanctioning. The WWA owns and operates the WWA Wakeboard
World Series, WWA Wake Park World Series, WWA Wakeboard National Championships, WWA Wake Park National
Championships, WWA Wakeboard World Championships, WWA Wake Park World Championships, WWA Wake Park Triple Crown,
WWA Evolution Pro Series, WWA Pro Card and WWA Rider Experience. With 27 affiliate countries worldwide, the WWA is a riderformed
organization dedicated to promoting and growing wake sports worldwide. It is the leading source for riders, event organizers
and competitive standards. For more information on the WWA and its events, check out The WWA site.

Keep up with Georgia Wake Series and us this year for more info and contest results!

Ronix Review w/ Micah and Mertes

2015 Ronix Kinetik Project & El Von Videl Schnook Review!

Ronix Wakeboardsput a huge amount of research and development into their products and it shows.  Two of the best selling and most popular wakeboards in the 2015 lineup are the Kinetik Project and the El Von Videl Schnook.  We decided to send Ambush Board Co. and employees Micah and Mertes to our local spot, Terminus Wake Park, for a little shred session and see how the two boards feel firsthand.  Don’t be fooled by the hilarious good times and all the high fives, these dudes are all business!  Watch the video below and read for yourself how they feel about the boards.


The Ronix 2015 Kinetik Project

“Brand new for 2015, the Ronix Kinetik Project is one of the best and most innovative cable boards I have ever ridden.  After a few laps around the park the first thing I noticed was how responsive and how alive the board felt under my feet.  The mixture of foam and wood makes the board super light, but also very durable.  The thing that stood out the most for me was how much pop that board has out of the water.  The two rocker lines make the board explode out of the water.  One of the coolest things is how responsive this board was on features.  The stored energy in the board makes it snap off  and on rails like a breeze.

Ronix 2015 Kinetik Project Intelligent Core (Metallic Black/Fresh Bait) Wakeboard
Ronix 2015 Kinetik Project Intelligent Core (Metallic Black/Fresh Bait) Wakeboard

“The board is nice and soft in the tip and tail, making presses look amazing, but it is also stiff enough in between your feet for a solid feel that makes landings off the kicker a bit easier on your knees.  Another cool thing about this board is the concave in the nose and tail.  With more round rails showing up and being built at cable parks all over the world the concave helps the board lock into presses on the rail and not slip out.  So, all in all this board is one of the most fun boards I have ever ridden and puts a smile on my face and stoke in my heart.  If you want the best on the water fun you could ever experience, grab a Kenetik Project and see for yourself.  I promise you won’t be sorry.”

-Micah Ingalls

Read More >

Justin Lee “Saturated”

Ambush Wake Team rider Justin Lee isn’t just some new kid on the block learning to ride cable at Terminus.  Justin is a young seasoned rider who possesses his own cable park in his back yard and has been to more cable parks than you would know.  Justin can now be found at the new Terminus Wake Park in north Atlanta on a regular basis.  Home court advantage is real.  Watch Justin’s new edit and peep for yourself.

Top 5 Things a 1st Time Cable Rider Needs to Know

Cable parks are popping up everywhere these days and they are offering up a whole new way to ride for everyone…just one problem.  You’ve never ridden at the cable before!  No worries – I’ve got you covered before you take your first laps.

That’s what I was thinking when our local park (Terminus Wake Park) opened up here in Georgia earlier this spring.  I’ve never ridden cable since the closest park was around 7 hours away.  It’s not too easy to make a day trip for that.

Boat riding has been my forte ever since I started wakeboarding.  In the back of my mind, I always wanted to see what it would take to emulate my favorite riders in all the free ride videos I would watch like 12 Honkies, Hype, Pointless, and several others I have stashed away in my collection where they were jibbing their faces off.

After my first visit to the park, I walked away with a quick “Top 5” list that all newbies to the cable should know before you get started.  Here’s what you need to know:


1)     The Proper Gear:

If you’re a wakeboarder, you’ll need a wakeboard setup with a “sintered” or “grind” base on the board.  If you’re a wakeskater, same deal – you’ll need a wakeskate with a “sintered” or “grind” base, as well.  Grind bases are made of a highly resilient material and are designed to take the beating that a cable park gives our boards.

Oh, yeah, take off any removable fins on your board, too.  Parks require this before they let you hit the water.

Check out the base of my “grind” board below:


Click HERE to see more cable park boards.

Your choice of bindings need to be taken into consideration, as well.  Here’s why:

I personally ride a set of 2012 Ronix Cell Boots (now known as the Ronix Code 55 bindings) where the boot is mounted directly to the board.  After I take a spill, I have to pull my feet out of the bindings, swim to the shore, and walk barefoot back to the starting dock.  If you aren’t into walking around barefoot like me, take a look at what Hyperlite or Slingshot has to offer!

Hyperlite has the System Boot and Binding setup where the boot and binding are actually two separate components – much like a snowboard boot and binding.  You tighten down the straps to ride and release them to walk around like you’re wearing a normal pair of shoes.

Slingshot offers something similar to my boots, but feature a removable liner in their high-end boots (like the Shredtown Boot).  Loosen up the outer laces and you can pull your foot out with the liner still on your foot to walk around in.


Any boot will do, to be honest, but having a boot or a liner to walk around in if the shore is rocky is an incredibly convenient feature.

Next you will need a helmet, something that will protect your dome while you get your shred on.  This one is not optional; you’ve got to have one to ride.  There are several companies that offer quality water helmets like Pro-tec, Shred Ready, Sandbox, and Bern.  Just make sure you get your own or rent one at the park when you get there if you’re ballin’ on a budget.

Finally, you’ll need a life vest.  Many cable parks require that you wear a U.S. Coast Guard Approved vest and do not allow competition-style non-Coast Guard approved vests.  I strongly recommend checking the rules of the park before you head out.  Better to be prepared than disappointed.  Here is a good example of a USCGA Life Vest from Hyperlite to give an idea of what you’ll need.

If you don’t have a board, helmet, or a vest…don’t worry!  Most parks have a grip of rental products you can try out before picking up your own gear.  Once you’re hooked like I am, you’ll want to start piecing together your own proper setup and ditch those stinky rentals.


2)     The Starting Dock:

This is where it all really starts!  There are a couple of ways to get going once it’s your turn to get your feet wet.

The easiest way to start is to use the “slide in” method.  Essentially, you put your gear on and hop your way to the starting line.  Once your pulley comes around and the operator says “are you ready,” shift your weight back over your back foot and keep the handle tight to your back hip – then wait for the pulley to pull the slack out of the rope and slide you off the starting ramp.  Leaning back helps keep the nose of your board up so you don’t dive the board underwater.

If the “slide in” method isn’t for you, try sitting on the edge of the starting dock.  This is very similar to the position that you would start riding behind the boat in.  Keep your elbows and knees slightly bent and then lean back to help make sure you keep the toe side edge of your board up and out of the water.  Once the pulley gets you up to speed, point the nose of your board the direction you are riding and start having fun.

Now, here’s something to work up to: dock starting!  You begin in a standing position on the “slide in” ramp or on the edge of the dock.  Watch the pulley come around the starting dock and once the tension on the rope is taken out, hop up and into the water.  With a little bit of practice, this is probably the most fun to way to enter the water but work your way up to this.  Trust me.

Check out this guy’s epic dock start:


3)     Follow the Cable (Don’t Get Slung!)

Congrats!! You have successfully made it off the starting dock!

Start by carving around on all the straightaways and making your way to the buoy markers around each turn.


These buoys are to help you know where to be when you come to a corner in the cable park.  Depending on the angle of the corner, you’ll need to take a little precaution before you get into the turn…because I didn’t and I got SLUNG!

On a sharp corner in the park, it’s going to be best to make sure you look up and see the direction the cable is about to take you, and point your board that way as you enter the turn.  Otherwise…get ready to hold on because you’re about to go for a ride.


After a lap or two, it all becomes second nature and you will be navigating the corners like a champ.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you ever get too much slack in the line based on the path you took into a turn, it’s best to let go of the rope.  Otherwise, it’ll pull the handle out of your hands extremely hard once the slack tightens up, which is definitely something you’re going to want to avoid.


4)     Build Up to Larger Features: Don’t Get Ahead of Yourself

Start small.  Work on the smaller features and then move up incrementally based on how comfortable you feel on each slider, rail, or kicker.

When you fall, just make sure to pop your head up and give a quick 360-degree survey for other riders headed in your direction and start paddling towards the shore.

Generally, just ride within your comfort zone and build up on everything you’re learning to get to that next feature.  Also, a HUGE benefit of riding at a cable park is that there are TONS of riders with all different types of riding styles and skill levels that you can learn from.

Being able to watch how someone hits a certain rail or sets up for a kicker is such a powerful thing.

Everyone I ran into at the park was out there to have fun and progress – so don’t be afraid to ask for help.  I did, and it totally paid off.  I’ve already got my eye on the next transfer rail at our park!


5)     Rinse ‘n’ Repeat: But Don’t Get Complacent

What I mean by “Rinse ‘n’ Repeat” is just get out there and ride!

The more time you spend at the cable park (or riding in general), the better you will become.  Our sport requires practice and repetition to get tricks locked down, but don’t get complacent!

Find your lines within the park, but don’t go out there and do the same tricks every single time.  Push yourself once you are ready to try a different press.  Hell, try it switch!

Always turn one part of the day at the park into what I like to call a “progression session.”  Expand your bag of tricks and make the most out of what the park has to offer you.


Well, there you have it!

There are my Top 5 Things a 1st Time Cable Rider needs to know before you head out there!  Most importantly, have fun!  Now that you’re ready to go, get your gear together and start hitting up a park near you!  Maybe even plan a road trip to visit some parks with your buddies.  Time to get to pressin’.

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