Valdosta Wake Compound Wake Foiler Session

Today the temperature here in beautiful Kennesaw, GA is 82° and you know what that means. It means we are nearly amidst full-on WAKE season. The rising temperature prompted us to expand our quiver of boards to ride. From different wakeboards, wakeskates, and wakesurfers we have something new for everyone to try in our Nautique GS22. Yep, that also includes the new Slingshot Wake Foiler. No matter what type of rider you are, one thing is for sure…nothing is quite like floating smoothly and silently over the water!

Slingshot Wake Foiler Package

Designed for easy learning and endless progression, the foil gives lift at low speeds and has a bottom-heavy weight for stability. This promotes a predictive, easy handling foil which  is perfect for everyone to enjoy.  It even comes with two different length foils to help you unlock the foiler’s full potential as you progress from the beginner foil to the advanced foil! Read More >

Video Is King


The days of waiting ’til the end of the year for a video to drop are basically gone.  It wasn’t long ago we had to lurk the pages of Alliance Wake Mag to see images of Justin Stephens shooting a film in order to get excited for its releaseor even know that the release was coming.   Nowadays we get to stalk Sean Kilgus as he takes us through the filming process with some behind-the-scenes clips and get amped again for a physical copy to be released (Prime coming soon, yo!).  Yet I have to admit there is something absolutely magical about downloading a film like Drop the Gun.

Today, viewing content is all about the convince of my iPad and streaming video directly to my big ass TV 8 ft in front of me.  I mean…is it laziness or convenience that makes me glad that I don’t have to get up and put the disc in, or search through dozens of DVD cases to find what I want to watch because I blew it and didn’t put it back in the right case? Read More >

A Young Scott Byerly Wakeboarding at a Massachusetts Demo in 1994

circa 1996This blast from the past provides a rare glimpse of what it was like to be a top tiered pro wakeboarder in 1994. What’s glaringly evident in this video is Byerly’s then-unprecedented surf/skate style. Back in 1994 this was very unique, as wakeboarding’s elite consisted mostly of previously aspiring waterskiiers. Scott Byerly made wakeboarding cool, not the other way around.

Enter Hit It! in 1996.

Fast forward two years later. The twin tip wakeboard was giving riders an entirely new perspective and wakeboarders started experimenting more with extended pylons, weighting, and double ups. Hit It! signified the beginning of wakeboarding’s golden era and solidified Scott’s role as “the godfather“. Yeah, Darin Shapiro could huck two flips around, but he didn’t have that charismatic dissenting style. I’m often asked by skateboarder’s “what makes Byerly a legend?” I often answer their question with another question,”What makes Lance Mountain a legend?” They usually get it after that. Read More >

JD Webb at BSR for Hyperlite

JD Webb is well known for his abilities on Wakeboard Features so we brought him to Texas for Spring Break where he could put those skills to the test at BSR Wake Park. JD had never visited the park but his eyes lit up as soon as we arrived and he was like a kid in a candy shop the entire week. Spencer Norris followed JD around and put this clip together for our enjoyment. The crew at BSR let us move some things around and it didn’t take JD long to maneuver a kicker in front of their new kink-rail.”

JD Webb

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