Team Hyperlite Hits Bethany Creek

Here’s an inside glimpse into one of the Hyperlite team traditions, the annual Spring team gathering. Here’s what the boys have to say:

“Every spring the Hyperlite Wakeboard crew gets together to ride our new Wakeboards, take some photos and film for videos.” Hyperlite explains. “Here Rusty and Trever have a magical GoPro set, Raimi stomps a solid off axis 7, Mike and Trever both bend their knees, JD does two flips in one and Stewart almost pays the piper.”

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Gabe Lucas & Colin Gee | Hexacopter Footage

With recent advances in digital video technology, features like super-slow mo, waterproof housing, and HD clips are more accessible than ever. Formerly reserved for the elite, this technology is now in the hands of nearly every aspiring filmer and editor with a YouTube account. So what’s next?

Recently, coupled with advances in RC technology, filmers have entered a new frontier of capturing extreme angles and pans. Here’s an example of what we may be in store for over the next couple years on the web-edit front. All the footage captured here of Gabe Lucas and Colin Gee was shot in a single day. Daps and pounds all around.

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