The Professional Wakeskate League : Stop #3 Valdosta Wake Compound

The third and final stop of the PWL presented by Grain Wakeskates

The Wakeskating community came together this past weekend for the final stop of the PWL tour. We couldn’t have asked for better weather for camping, riding, fellowship and good times. Campers, RV’s and tents covered the grounds as the grass roots style event kicked off on Thursday with practice for all riders competing. Groups gathered with coolers and beach chairs to soak up the cool Georgia air as others hung closely to the shade under the historic Big Oak trees that call this magical place home.

Our host and one of the best in the industry do to it, the crew at Valdosta Wake Compound worked countless hours building and rearranging the advanced 2.0 cable for the contest. With skateboarding being a key fundamental in wakeskating, the VWC crew went above and beyond to create a layout with hubba ledges , handrails, and stair-set style drops.

Qualifying heats for Pro and Am division kicked off on Friday with perfect conditions for those on and off the water.
Leaf Skates Team Rider Alex Haney throwing a Backside Shuv-it off the handrail feature.
Virtue Wakeskates Team Rider Bammer Rehn putting some style on this Front Board style on the massive Space Tank feature.

The Amateur Division was stacked with 14 riders going head to head to qualify for 6 seats into the finals. Among the new faces competing were professional wakeboarders Cross Bearden and Dary Znebel who would take podium for the first time. But it was Virtue Wakeskates, Tommy Wooten delivering a solid line to clinch 1st place for the AM’s.

The Wakebabes along with some of the youngest riders shined in the Women’s Division proving their will always be a spot for the ladies in the wake community. Vayda Zentmeyer took 1st at only 6 years old following in the footsteps of her father and BuyWake team rider Josh Zentmeyer you also found a spot on the podium in the pro division.

Pro Division Podium: (left to right) 3rd place Josh Zentmeyer, 1st place Travis Belsito and 2nd place Travis Doran

The Pro division would finish out the contest with back to back bangers in the finals. As the clock neared the buzzer each rider took a final pull throwing down their best line showcasing some of the most talented athletes in the world. Water Monsters team rider Travis Belsito would come out on top with one of the cleanest lines from the weekend with BuyWake team riders Travis Doran following in second and Josh Zentmeyer in third.

For those unable to make it on site the crew of the PWL provided all the coverage through their live streaming channel. For more information or to become a member or if you would like to donate to the PWL please visit


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