Top 3-Stage Rocker Wakeboards for 2019

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Wakeboards with 3-stage rockers feature two distinct bend points and three distinct planes on the bottom of the board. They’re distinct from continuous rocker wakeboards in that they respond with more bucking/explosive/vertical pop, while the pop offered by continuous rocker wakeboards can be characterized as more “horizontal” than “vertical.” Read on to discover our picks for the top 3-stage rocker wakeboards for 2019.

Liquid Force 2019 Remedy

Liquid Force 2019 Remedy

How does Harley Clifford win almost every contest he enters? Years of practice and dedication, of course, along with a little help from the Remedy. With an aggressive 3-stage rocker and triple concave flowing into the venture quad channels, this board will take you and your riding straight up.

Ronix 2019 One ATR

Ronix 2019 One ATR w/ Fuse Stringers Wakeboard

The Ronix One ATR offers the same shape and riding style as the One Time Bomb, but with a more controlled pop off the wake at a more affordable price. Enjoy the responsive and exaggerated 3-stage rocker line with a more straight up, explosive pop.

Hyperlite 2019 Murray Pro

Hyperlite 2019 Murray Pro Wakeboard

The Murray shape begins with a subtle 3-stage rocker. There is no flat spot, the rocker simply increases under foot for a colossal boost of the wake. Carrying on from past shapes, Hyperlite kept the variable edge design and center landing spine, making the board enjoyable for riders of all ability levels.

Connelly 2019 Reverb

Connelly 2019 Reverb Wakeboard

Acting as the Connelly team board, the Reverb is back. Whether you’re a technical schralp lord or more of laid back and stylish rider, this board’s shape caters to the many. A 3-stage rocker provides pop off the wake, and a full-length center spine offers a bit of cushion when blasting into the flats.

Slingshot 2019 Pill

Slingshot 2019 Pill Wakeboard

The Pill is a high-flying boat board built to be ridden with energy and speed. Perfect for advanced boat riders, the Pill features dual NACA tech channels and a firm flex pattern for big traction and instant pop off the wake. A 3-stage rocker helps give the board more lift and a center V-spine profile helps to break up surface tension on the Pill’s massive landings.


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