Top 5 Wake Deals for 2015

Get the best deal on brand new 2015 wake product and keep some extra cash!

We put together some of the best products and deals from each of the top brands in the industry just for you.  It goes without saying that having the right gear at the best price is what we provide 24/7/365.

1. Hyperlite Kit

Hot out the gate one of the baddest boards for 2015 is the 2015 Hyperlite Union.  Graeme Burress showed us all what this board can do at every cable park he visited.  Another popular item this year that’s packed with comfort are the 2015 Team Closed Toe bindings.  If you don’t start with the proper footwear, everything else goes downhill.  Life vests aren’t always the most fashion things, but the 2015 Flex Vest looks great and provides plenty of movement and its U.S. Coast Guard approved rating means that it could save your life at the cable park or behind the boat.  Speaking of boat, if you’re rocking behind a Nautique or anything with a motor pick up this great 2015 Webb Handle and pair it with the 2015 X-Line for the best connection in wakeboarding.  Add it all up and you’ll save $361.05…that’s a lot of gas money.

Hyperlite Kit

2. Liquid Force Kit

You could spend hours on picking out the perfect set up from Liquid Force or you could let us help.  Seriously, right now the 2015 Liquid Force line is one of the best we’ve seen in years.  Hot of the press the 2015 Tao wakeboard from Daniel Grant has been one of the most in demand wakeboards we sell (no, his tricks DO NOT COME WITH THE BOARD).  The 2015 Ultra Closed Toe bindings are a excellent choice to pair with the Tao, and every other board because they’re that comfortable.  Grab a 2015 Icon helmet and a 2015 Flex Comp vest and you’re half way to the Wake Park Triple Crown (or…at least…you’ll look like you are)!  We can’t forget our towed watersports crew and that’s why we threw in the 2015 Team Rope & Handle Combo.  Keep your hands on the handle and heart in the sky with this proper Liquid Force setup and save $181.50

LiquidForce Kit

3. Byerly Kit

You can’t talk about wakeboarding or wakeskating without mentioning one of the greatest, most legendary riders and brands of all time; Byerly.  The level of quality put into Byerly products has always been spot on.  Their base models are better than some companies’ pro models.  For example, the 2015 Standard is a great entry-level to intermediate binding that boasts great support and accommodates a wide range of foot sizes.  A staple in the line for years, the 2015 Monarch is also perfect no matter the skill set.  The Monarch wakeboard also features two Blunt fins, which are removable and provide added tracking and stability for beginners and intermediate riders.  Hang tight and do it right with the 2015 Assault handle and the 2015 Jacket mainline from Byerly for the ultimate rider-to-boat connection.  Scott Byerly has been sponsored by O’Neill for what seems like forever.  Byerly knows a good vest when he sees one, and so do we.  The 2015 Gooru Tech Comp Vest provides maximum comfort and tons of mobility when riding.  The $234.05 you’ll save on this rig will go a long way.  If you’re into saving and riding right, the Byerly kit is for you!

Byerly Kit

4. Ronix Kit

Arguably one of the most progressive companies in wakeboarding today, the Ronix crew puts out some of the best product year in and year out.  The 2015 line has more go-to items, but we started this kit off right with the 2015 One bindings by Danny Harf.  We can’t stress enough that comfort is key, and with Ronix and their new Brain Frame technology plus the high end boot Intuition + liners, you will fall in love your first set.  Don’t sleep on their life jackets, either.  They’re hands down some of the most comfortable we’ve ridden in, and the 2015 Bandwagon vest stood out the most this year.  Picking a wakeboard wasn’t a easy task, but the best bang for a hybrid boat/park board is for sure the 2015 Bill ATR “S”.  If it’s a weekend behind the boat or a few days a month at the cable park, the Bill promises to never let you down.  Speaking of boat – don’t trip, get a grip with the 2015 Envoy handle and 2015 R8 line, as this is our go to setup when we’re getting pulled behind our Nautique G21.  Sure, you can pick your own kit, but do you think you could beat the $308.84 in savings?  Show us what you got!

Ronix Kit

5. Slingshot Kit

Slingshot is one of those companies you just can’t help but root for!  Handmade in the USA and the ability to say “First in Flex” is something they promote and are extremely proud of.  The 2015 wakeboard line had some heavy hitters like the Shredtown, Oli, and Windsor, but one of the most wanted is their new cable-specific board the 2015 Terrain.  The block fusion sidewall and featureless base blended with the right amount of flex make this one of our favorites, and we’re certain it will be yours, too.  If you say Slingshot, it’s almost natural to think Shredtown.  The Shredtown crew board and bindings have a cult-like following for a reason; sublime comfort and performance.  The 2015 Shredtown bindings are known worldwide for their comfort.  It’s also pretty cool that you can pull your feet out and walk in the liners.  It’s the little things that make the biggest impact and the Shredtown boot will forever be a classic.
Tired of wakeboarding?  Just want to take a break for a bit?  Well, we have a treat for you in the form of the 2015 Ankel Biter wakesurfer.  Designed based off Slingshot’s Space Pickle platform, the Ankle Biter is dynamic and gives you the ability to catch all kinds of surf.  The 2015 offers control and stability, similar to a longboard, along with a double concave with an aggressive V-spine through that tail that gives you a looser transition edge to edge, so that the performance is more similar to a shortboard.  Now…all you have to think about is what exactly can you spend the $394.03 that you just saved by getting this Slingshot kit.

Slingshot Kit

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