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As is typically the case, I was a little late to the party when it came to finding out about Wake Compound, the new subversive “it” site designed specifically for riders.
What drew me to the site initially is BuyWake.com’s resident Matthew McConaughey look-alike Jeff Langley’s 1 Hit Wonder. Langley, whom we at BuyWake.com affectionately refer to as “Surf Ninja”, has really been coming up as of late…and we’re all hyped to see him involved with something like Wake Compound. The site also features recent 1 Hit Wonders from Tony Carroll, Derek Grasman, and Phil Soven.

Possibly my favorite feature on Wake Compound is Add+Onz, where two riders are paired against each other in a sort of “draw the line” format…where one rider starts off with a trick and the second rider has to repeat that trick and add another one. The first rider to blow it loses.

Equally as entertaining is Morning Brew, a bit (so to speak) where critical issues in contemporary wakeboarding are discussed in the format of a morning talk show. There are some serious gems in the Lost Footage section as well.

If you’re like me…and don’t find out about what’s cool until after everyone else does…and, therefore, haven’t been to Wake Compound yet, you should check it out. I mean…I hear that they are even looking for interns who are highly skilled in videography and editing who are willing to work for free. You might find yourself both thoroughly entertained…and gainfully employed.


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