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C-SIDE was started as a joke by my friends and I at the cable park a few years ago. Since then, we have started to push each other and other local riders to do their best. Here is some of the crew.

Jackson Kauffman:

Jackson Kauffman riding the cable park

Funny thing is, C-SIDE started out as a joke, but has now become something far more than that. From the painful crashes, late nights editing, and the hard work to help make things happen, it’s become something that keeps me stoked to keep pushing myself in wakeboarding. The guys we have on our team are some of my closest homies, and all have come to achieve the same vision of what we want to create. Stay tuned for what C-SIDE has to offer in the future; it’s going to be big.

Todd Allen:

Todd with the one footer in the hallway at Elevated Wake Park

C-SIDE is the gang. C-SIDE is the group of people that got me into wakeboarding. The kids in C-SIDE aren’t my friends; they’re my family. We aren’t the best riders in the U.S. and certainly not the best riders in the world, but we have fun. A lot of people take themselves too seriously, and you certainly won’t find that here. C-SIDE is not about doing the same competition line 800 times or crying and pitching a fit if you don’t get first place in the novice division of a meaningless regional competition. C-SIDE is about growing the sport, getting as many people into riding as we can. Honestly, C-SIDE is about doing whatever we want and not what we don’t, on and off the water. We had a blast filming at the home park these last couple of weeks, and I hope that shows in our videos. Enjoy, get on the water, find your crew, and do whatever YOU want to do.

Coby Armer:

Coby placed first in the open men division at worlds for features only.

Never did I think C-SIDE would come as far as it has. What started off as a joke has now made it here in an article. C-SIDE is more than just a sign you can throw up to someone. It’s something that brings all of us together and has given me an entire group of friends to call family. Every season some new people come to the park. Whether they’re working at the park or just new riders, and every season, there’s always a select few of them who we become close with. Seeing them represent our brand and want to be a part of us means more than anything.
When I was younger and just starting to ride, I used to push myself to one day be able to say I was a pro. The guys in C-SIDE continue to push each other to make each other better. We would rather do our own thing and have fun while doing it instead of putting ourselves down when we don’t have another trophy sitting on the shelf at the end of the day.

Cam Napier:

C-SIDE Is the group of homies that just know how to have fun on the water and know how to push people to their best ability. We know how to crack a good joke and know how to please the crowd. This sport is too much fun to take it way too seriously so we go hard and push each other without getting stressed about the big picture. There is so much diversity and different personalities in this group and that’s why it works because we know how to have fun on the cable and outside the cable.

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