2022 Wakesurf Rope w/ Hydro Tack 10 2022 Wakesurf Rope w/ Hydro Tack 10" Handle Combo (Cyan/Black/White)

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Hyrdo-Tack Grip
Grippy When Wet

10" Handle
Room to Grip

Buffed Foam Middle
Pull Yourself into the Perfect Position

T6-6061 Aluminum Bar
15" no flex, no bend, lightweight bar extrusion with built-in floats

24' Poly Mainline w/ EVA Floats
Rope Stays Above Water

If we're going put our name on it, it has to be legit. The BuyWake Wakesurf Rope w/ Hyrdo Tack handle features an extra wide 10" grip that gives you plenty of room to grab on to and makes it easy to get up on your surfer. The buffed foam in the middle of the line allows you to pull yourself into the sweet spot comfortably and with no stress on your hands. The 24 foot rope has just the right amount of flex needed to be pulled that close to the boat and features several EVA floats to keep the handle on top of the water.

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Gender Neutral
Model Year 2022
Color Blue