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Eric Elliott - General Manager / Director of ecommerce




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Position: General Manager / Director of ecommerce
Employed since 1997


What would you name your autobiography?
The Rambling Introspections of a Bourgeois Pragmatist (It’s already been written…in the form of a sketchbook.)

I have a dog named Nixon (after the [in]famous Checkers Speech). She’s a consummate sidekick.

The best part of waking up is?
Being covered in dog hair.

How'd you start working here?

My Setups 


Byerly 2015 Hazard

Wakesurfer - Byerly 2015 Hazard Surf Rope Combo

Rope - Surf Rope Combo

Hyperlite 2015 Indy Neo

Vest - Hyperlite 2015 Indy Neo




Lib Tech 2015 TRS XC2

Board - Lib Tech 2015 TRS XC2

Union 2015 Force

Bindings - Union 2015 Force

ThirtyTwo 2015 Lashed Bradshaw

Boots - ThirtyTwo 2015 Lashed Bradshaw

Electric EG2.5

Goggles - Electric EG2.5

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