FATSAC Tube Sac (W704) - 62

FATSAC Tube Sac (W704) - 62" x 16" x 10" Ballast Bag

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FATSAC Tube Sac (W704) - 62" x 16" x 10" Ballast Bag

FATSAC Tube Sac-10 x 16 x 62 Ballast Bags
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The FATSAC Tube Sac can be used in the ski locker of your boat or on the floor just forward of the engine compartment.  It's longer and narrow enough to fit perfectly along the walkway to the bow or under the side seats of V-Drive boats.  You could also opt for one in the ski locker and one on the floor above it.

Dimensions: 62" x 16" x 10"
Weight: 370 Lbs./168 kg

Compatible with FATSAC Tsunami Pump (no conversion parts needed)!

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SKU W704
Sizes 370 Lbs.
Location in Boat Center