FATSAC Ultimate Wakesurf Sac (W718) Ballast Bag

FATSAC Ultimate Wakesurf Sac (W718) Ballast Bag

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FATSAC Ultimate Wakesurf Sac (W718) Ballast Bag

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After filling any factory ballast and FatSac that fill the front and rear compartments of your V-drive boat, put the Ultimate Wake Surf Sac on top of the rear seat and side seat that you are wakesurfing on for the ultimate surf wake.  This will displace so much water that people will no longer have to learn to wakesurf behind your boat, they will just be able to do it.  Be sure to remeber to give the boat some throttle to bring the front of your boat up enough when passing through any wakes you are making so you don't swamp the boat with the tsunamis you are creating with this sac setup.  This thing will also conform to fit in other types of boats and in other places.

Important note: Hold this sac up on the seats when filling and emptying it so it will not roll off (when it is full it cannot roll of because of its L shape).

Body - 60" x 24" x 16"
Arms - 35" x 12" x 16"

Weight: 1,150 Lbs./520 kg

Compatible with FATSAC Tsunami Pump (no conversion parts needed)!

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SKU W718
Sizes 1,150 Lbs.
Location in Boat Rear