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Humanoid 2017 Langfield Pro 144 Wakeboard


Tapered Tip and Tail
Humanoid's standard core profiling for all boards.  They use an even core thickness between binding inserts to create a more abrupt response off the wake.  From the outside of the inserts moving towards the tip & tail, they mill a more lean core profile.  This thinner profile in the tip and tail creates powerful snap, insanely soft landings, and a more controlled response.  This core profiling is used in conjunction with Flexcavation and layup to dictate the feel and response of each board.

Quantum Core
New for 2017, Quantum Cores are engineered for even more flex and snap.  Quantum Core blanks are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified and contain only three vertical 100% Paulownia segments joined together on the side of each ply.  Each Quantum Core blank is milled in this specific "3-ply" layup.  The result?  The most durable and lively flex pattern in wakeboarding.

M6 Inserts
M6 is a worldwide metric bolt standard.  More threads and a tighter tolerance creates a stronger interface between your board and bindings, resulting in a very secure feeling out on the water.  Each of Humanoid's M6 inserts have heights dictated by core thickness.  The universal pattern gets pressed through the core, top to bottom, which yields up to 150% more strength over industry insert standards.  Utilized in a 5-pack setup with 0.5" spacing for more stance options.

Sculpted Sidewalls
Precisely machined arcs and contours milled into each board's sidewall inject each wakeboard with a dose of Herculean strength.  This gives Humanoid boards a very
distinguished look and increases the longevity of each board.  Your wakeboard is officially on the juice.

Die-Cut Base
High-quality die-cut UHMW sintered bases finished with exact tolerances.  By using a die-cut process for the first time in wakeboarding (a process like piecing together a puzzle) Humanoid has eliminated the need for base graphics, which reduces weight and beefs up the durability of each indestructoid UHMW base.



The Humanoid Langfield Pro is a smooth and playful wakeboard for cable and park riders of all levels.  The Quantum core offers softer landings and improves flex while retaining rigidity in key areas. A narrower nose and tail shape generates more lift off the water, allowing you to ollie higher.  More stance width options are provided by the 5-pack M6 inserts with 0.5" stance width adjustments.  Sculpted sidewalls and a reinforced diamond shaped fiberglass layup means industry-leading durability so you can crush rails, ramps, and cable park features with wakeboarding's thickest base material.   Intelligently designed, the Langfield pro model features the Life in Death graphic by artist Annie Preece.

Rocker: 2.8" Continuous
Width: 44 cm
Stance Width: 23"-27"
Weight: 9 Lbs.
Suggested Terrain: Park


Additional Information

SKU H117-5044
Brand Humanoid
Wakeboard Size 144
Gender Men's
Model Year 2017
Ability Intermediate-Advanced
Base Slider
Wakeboard Flex Flex Technology
Rocker Continuous
Type Cable/Park/Slider

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