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Lane Jordan - Senior Designer




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Position: Senior Designer
Employed since 2012


What would you name your autobiography?
”The Guide to Being a Pushover” or ”How to Secretly Be a Nerd”

Hidden talent?
I am a HTML/Coding GOD!

Biggest fear?
My handwriting getting any worse.

My Setups 


Slingshot 2014 Shredtown

Board - Slingshot 2014 Shredtown

Slingshot 2014 Shredtown

Bindings - Slingshot 2014 Shredtown




Burton 2015 Custom Flying V 154

Board - Burton 2015 Custom Flying V 154

Burton 2015 Malavita EST

Bindings - Burton 2015 Malavita EST

ThirtyTwo 2015 Lashed Bradshaw

Boots - ThirtyTwo 2015 Lashed Bradshaw