Lib Tech 2021 Fly Pad Wakesurfer

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Lib Tech 2021 Fly Pad Wakesurfer

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Technologically Tougher, Environmentally Nicer
Lib Tech is dedicated to board riding and hands-on, high-tech board building.  They've spent a lifetime of surfing, shaping, and working with alternative, high-performance, environmentally-friendly materials and constructions.  Traditional surfboard construction has always felt too fragile and the build process is toxic and unhealthy for the planet and craftspeople.  Lib Tech knew there had to be another way.  Mike Olson and the Lib Tech experiMENTAL division applied their 35+ years of hands-on board building experience to the task of building a better surfboard.  In the process they completely rewrote the book on surfboard construction.  Every component they use in their ecoIMPACTO surf construction is completely new to the surf industry.  The Thermo fusion process radically minimizes resin exposure and sanding while creating amazingly durable, environmentally-friendly, high-performance surf structures that will free your mind and lift your surfing to new heights.

ecoIMPACTO Ride "High Performance Life Extension"
A smooth, responsive, and high-performance ride with the feel of a crispy new polyester that lasts and lasts.  Dang difficult to ding, environmentally nicer.

New FOC II Fin Box System
FCS II compatible!  Two Tab compatible with 1/2" fin adjustability for precise tuning of your board's surf characteristics.  Stronger and lighter box.

Magnesium Fiber
High-impact and high break strength fiber with great rebound/memory.  Tough and resilient!

Basalt Fiber
Pure additive-free mineral fiber with natural dampening properties.  Break- and impact-resistant.  Smooth and strong!

Carbon Power Spine Stringer
Dynamic energy and long-lasting flex.  Tension is spread to the carbon fiber, making for rebound energy return and perfect flex tuning

NitrogeneCell Foam
Strong, light and waterproof.  Environmentally-friendly nitrogen blowing agent.  Elliptical engineered cells act like a column, providing stiffness from top to bottom and "Nerf-like" elasticity on side impacts.  25-40% recycled content, 100% of off cuts are recycled.

Hexzylon Fiber Foam Skin
Smooth riding vibration absorption layer.  Impact- and ding-resistant.  Strong and smooth!

Bio-Matrix Resin
Strong and nice!  Low VOC glycerin-based chemistry.  Surfs smooth like a new polyester board.  Longer lifespan than epoxy.

Elasto Perimeter Dampening Fiber
Smooth and strong!  Flex control, pop, and precision.  Impact-resistant.

Sprock Blocks
Crush- and dent-resistant!  Strong and poppy.

The quest to recreate the unrestricted high-performance feeling of freedom and fun you find in the ocean or skatepark continues to drive Lib Tech's wake shape design progression.

The key components in performance and wake expansion are speed and the size of board...and they traditionally are working against each other.  A smaller board usually means a slower board and less usable wake, a bigger board is faster but, doesn't fit into the wake in a way that allows tight performance surfing.  If you can align speed and acceleration with maneuverability and the ability to fit into tight transitions, something really magical happens!

Introducing Mike Olson's new Fly Pad, a scaled down, teched up, ultra speedy, wake expanding, high-performance, skateboard-influenced wakesurf shape.  The game-changing Fly Pad comes in three short, magical alien sizes: 3'10", 4'0", and 4'3".
You ride it 6-8" shorter than your normal board.  Mike is a big fellow and rides the 4'0" and has never been happier!  There are so many features designed into this small, fun-enhancing dream stick it clogged Lib's CAD programs.  The plan shape features a narrow, bullet-like outline that is quick from rail to rail, has a speedy straight rail line, and a wide fast tail with super pop.  This is combined with a flatter rocker body and precision beveled nose that fits radically into small spaces.  Mike added some critical details he dialed in through years of experiments...including hard tucked rails that release water and create lift.  And...he added two speed generating P.A.D. "Particle Accelerator Dish" concaves, one in the tail and one in the nose.  The deck also features a concave under the front foot to maximize the skateboard feel.  Now you can fly with Mike on his space expanding, high-speed explorations to the magical delicious nanocenter of wakesurf design.

Art by Ben Lardy.

Quad wakesurf fin set included.

3'10" 19.5" 1.4" 14.4 L
4'0" 19.6" 1.4" 15.4 L
4'3" 19.75" 1.5" 17.4 L
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SKU 21SU003
Brand Lib Tech
Wakesurf Style Surf-Style
Gender Men's
Model Year 2021
Construction Surf-Constructed
Ability Intermediate-Advanced