Lib Tech 2021 Yacht Sea Wakesurfer

Lib Tech 2021 Yacht Sea Wakesurfer

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Lib Tech 2021 Yacht Sea Wakesurfer

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Magnesium Basalt Carbon Construction
Mike Olson never stops experimenting with composites and shapes.  This year he came up with some amazing construction tweaks and improvements.  Lib's new MBC construction perfectly blends the best characteristics of epoxy (durability and liveliness) with the best performance characteristics of polyester (flex and dampness).  The addition of magnesium fiber improves the overall impact resistance and the carbon composite stringer exactly matches the flex of a new high-performance polyester and holds it for the life of the board.  The world's best surfboard construction just got even better!

Magnesium Fiber
Tough and resilient, high impact and break strength fiber, great rebound/memory.

Basalt Fiber
Smooth and strong, pure additive-free mineral fiber, natural dampening properties, break- and impact-resistant.

Carbon Power Spine Composite Stringer
Tension spread to carbon fiber, rebound energy return, perfect flex tuning.

Nitrogenecell Foam
Strong, light, and waterproof.  Environmentally-friendly nitrogen blowing agent.

Hexzylon Fiber Foam Skin
Smooth-riding vibration absorption layer.  Impact- and ding-resistant.

Bio-Matrix Resin
Low VOC glycerin based chemistry.  Surfs smooth like a new polyester board.  Longer lifespan than epoxy.

Elasto Perimeter Dampening Fiber
Impact-resistant flex control, pop, and precision.

Sprock Blocks
Crush- and dent-resistant, long-lasting performance, pop!

FOC Adjustable Slot Fin System
Fin tuning freedom of choice.  5/8" Performance tuning adjustability.  Lightest, toughest box on the market.  Fits many 2-tab and some solid base fins.

The Yacht Sea is a fast, surfy round tail shape that fits perfectly into the pocket for an easy trim.  The smooth round tail plan shape allows for aggressive carving and unbelievable control.  A flat rocker and mellow concave and dynamic "up rail" entry to hard edge exit make the Yacht Sea fast, agile, and catch-free.  Lib Tech's smooth-riding, rugged construction gives you pure surf feel without the constant ding worry.

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SKU 19SU013
Brand Lib Tech
Wakesurf Style Surf-Style
Gender Men's
Model Year 2020
Construction Surf-Constructed
Ability Intermediate-Advanced