Liquid Force Wakesurf Edge Mega Wave

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Liquid Force Wakesurf Edge Mega Wave

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  • Large Water Displacement Face for Maximum Wave Height
  • Concave Water Channeling Surface Cleans up the Wave and Increases Wave Length
  • Super Strong Suction Cup Attachment
  • Made with Durable, Non-Corrosive Materials
  • It Floats

The Wakesurf Edge Mega Wave is the only wakesurf shaper on the market specifically designed for larger inboard boats that already have extra water ballast. The idea behind the Mega Wave is to take an excellent wakesurf wave and turn it in something EPIC. Clean up, enlarge, and lengthen your wakesurf wave, give it added firmness and push, and create a swell behind your inboard that rivals premiere surf breaks.

Boat Requirements for using the Mega Wave:
-Boat must be 22 feet long or longer
-Must have a 325 horsepower engine or greater
-Needs a water ballast system
-Has a prop made for wakesports

The suction cups need 4.5" of smooth, flat surface to attach to. If there is a lip/step above the attachment area on your hull that protrudes more than 3/8", then you will need 6.5" of smooth flat surface instead of 4.5". The suction cups can handle 1/4" of curvature over a 5" distance.

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