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Mike Caranfa - Internet Marketing Director




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Position: Internet Marketing Director
Employed since 2014


The best part of waking up is?

Favorite food?
By far...PIZZA!!! I know its cliché, but who's PIZZA!

Favorite food?
Emerald Green Tree Boa… I am pretty sure he is the same type of snake as “Kaa” in the jungle Book, so that’s his name

My Setups 


Remote 2015 Matt Hooker 40.5"

Wakeskate - Remote 2015 Matt Hooker 40.5"




Gnu 2015 Smart Pickle

Board - Gnu 2015 Smart Pickle

Burton 2015 Mission

Bindings - Burton 2015 Mission

ThirtyTwo 2014 STW BOA

Boots - ThirtyTwo 2014 STW BOA