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Life Jackets

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Life Jackets

Life jackets are something you do not want to cut corners on. If spending a few extra bucks means a safer, more comfortable vest then it is a no-brainer.  In wakeboarding, there are two major types of life jackets.  The first type or style of life jacket is the U.S. Coast Guard Approved jacket.  These life jackets will keep you afloat and if knocked out in the water they will roll you over on your back and keep your head out of the water.  The second type of life jacket would be the comp jacket or Non U.S. Coast Guard Approved life jacket.  These jackets are designed to provide their users with a greater range of motion while wakeboarding.  The downside of the comp jackets is that they will not keep you afloat as well as the bulkier Coast Guard Approved vests will.