Ronix 2017 Fun Board (Zebra Wood) 5'1

Ronix 2017 Fun Board (Zebra Wood) 5'1" Wakeboard

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Ronix 2017 Fun Board (Zebra Wood) 5'1" Wakeboard

Ronix 2017 Fun Board (Zebra Wood) 5'1" Wakeboard
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In 1994, a new ripple echoed through the watersports world when Fall Line Films grouped the most talented riders in wakeboarding and made the iconic film appropriately titled "Spray."  Lakes, rivers, and even docks would never be the same.  Over the next 23 summers, we have seen so much evolution in riding sideways behind a boat, and the Ronix Fun Board is a tribute to that time, a time of exploration and creativity, but...more importantly, a time when it didn't matter what boat you were behind, what tricks you could or couldn't do, etc.  It was about just having fun.  When Ronix came up with the concept of the Fun Board they had four main goals to achieve:

  1. Make their fastest board on their most stable platform
  2. Make a board that mixes the feel of your favorite snowboard, wakeboard, and surfboard
  3. Make a board for the path on the water moreso than the flight in the air
  4. Make a board that will allow you to increase your carve count and carry on with a longer riding session.

The Fun Board is designed for any age, ability, and riding style.  As long as your boat can float, it's the perfect towboat for the Fun Board.

More Information
SKU 172250
Brand Ronix
Wakeboard Size 5'1"
Gender Men's
Model Year 2017
Ability Beginner-Intermediate
Base Standard
Wakeboard Flex Traditional
Rocker Continuous
Type Boat