Ronix 2019 One Nylon BarLock

Ronix 2019 One Nylon BarLock "T" Handle (Black/Lime Green)

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Ronix 2019 One Nylon BarLock "T" Handle (Black/Lime Green)

Ronix 2019 One Nylon BarLock "T" Handle (Black/Lime Green)
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  • "T" grip double handle for wrapped tricks
  • G10 carbon bar lock for less handle rotation
  • Carbitex w/ 3d molded honeycomb dual density hide grip
  • T6 lightweight aircraft aluminum dowel
  • EVA inside handle bar for flotation
  • Strung with 12-strand Holland dyneema rope

Danny Harf has become a wakeboarding legend in part because he never drops the handle. Ronix gives him a little help in that regard by building the best handle possible for his wakeboarding style. The One handle is made with a 3D molded, dual-density, super tacky grip that is easy to grasp and stays firmly in your hand. The C-10 Carbon BarLock keeps handle rotation to a minimum and the EVA inside keeps it afloat as the boat is coming back around. Add in the extra "T" grip for wrap tricks and you'll be riding like Danny's too.

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SKU 196106
Brand Ronix
Option T
Gender Unisex
Model Year 2019
Color Green