Ronix 2019 Potbelly Cruiser Wakesurfer

Ronix 2019 Potbelly Cruiser Wakesurfer

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Ronix 2019 Potbelly Cruiser Wakesurfer

Ronix 2019 Potbelly Cruiser Wakesurfer
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Naked Construction
A pure surf construction without any alterations to the core's natural performance

Potbelly Profile
More volume in the center of the board gives it more push and stability

Blended Rail
Accelerates through turns but relaxes when trimming the wake

  • Machined EVA concave back traction pads
  • Clear silicone front traction pad
  • Ronix's exclusive tool-less Fin-S 2 system
  • Injected fiberglass epoxy constructed fins
  • Comes with one symmetric 3.5" and two asymmetric 4.0" fins
  • Liquid Lava high temp surf resin
  • Compression molded

Thicker boards means more momentum for the wakesurfer and allows you to stay in the sweet spot easier or ride with a shorter board. The Potbelly Cruiser is properly designed to have the thickest part of the board in the center so you can enjoy a ton of speed, have the stability to stay with the wake, and can throw some spray too. The Potbelly Cruiser rides at a smoother, mellower pace for your wakesurfing enjoyment.

SizeVolumeTip RockerCenter WidthRider Weight Range
4' 6" 24.0 liters 2.4 in 20.7 in 125 lbs and up
4' 11" 26.2 liters 2.4 in 20.7 in 150 lbs and up
More Information
SKU 19237
Brand Ronix
Wakesurf Style Surf-Style
Gender Men's
Model Year 2019
Construction Surf-Constructed
Ability Intermediate-Advanced, Advanced-Expert