Ronix 2019 RXT Wakeboard

Ronix 2019 RXT Wakeboard

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Ronix 2019 RXT Wakeboard

Ronix 2019 RXT Wakeboard
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Continuous Rocker
A smoother, more consistent glide up the wake

Vertical poured urethane creates more top water speed and protection against park features

  • Comes w/ four 1.0 in fiberglass ramp fins and four 0.8 in fiberglass Free Agent fins
  • Massi pro model
  • Everything else is secret

Ronix could tell us what tech is in the all new RXT, but then they would have to kill us...or so we've heard.  All we know is that the 2019 RXT feels livelier, rides faster, lands softer, flies longer, reacts quicker, and snaps harder.  So, basically, it's the best board ever.  We just don't know why.  We do, however, know that it's a super advanced boat board with a user-friendly, yet incredible pop off the wake that rides unbelievably smooth and fast.  The Ronix R and D team spent over three years working on this board, so it's gotta be amazing.

SizeRocker HeightStanceCenterSurfaceRider Weight Range
136 cm 2.4" 22"-26" 16.8" 807 sq in. Up to 185 Lbs.
140 cm 2.5" 23"-27" 17.0" 857 sq in. 165 Lbs. and up
144 cm 2.7" 24"-28" 17.2" 867 sq in. 175 Lbs. and up
More Information
SKU 19200
Brand Ronix
Gender Men's
Model Year 2019
Ability Intermediate-Advanced, Advanced-Expert
Base Standard
Wakeboard Flex Traditional
Rocker Continuous
Type Boat