The WAKEFOIL AK Surf Series Foil Set

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The WAKEFOIL AK Surf Series Foil Set

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The WAKEFOIL SS Foil Set is the ultimate hydrofoil surfing set up, built to give you maximum control and foil engagement whether you are riding behind the boat or catching ocean swells. This foil set comes fully equipped with the new efficient WAKEFOIL SS 24" mast and the WAKEFOIL SS Surf Wings that offer the lowest lift coefficient in the industry. These wings begin to lift at speeds as low as 4mph and maintain foil engagement at speeds as high as 26mph. Bolted together securely with the durable aluminum alloy fuselage your WAKEFOIL SS foil set is ready to take you places you've never dreamt of experiencing. The foil set includes all the hardware you need to secure the foil system and board together, as well as wing covers to keep your precious wings protected when not in use.


  • WAKEFOIL SS 24in Mast
  • WAKEFOIL SS Surf Wing Set
  • WAKEFOIL SS Aluminum Alloy Fuselage
  • WAKEFOIL SS Wing Covers
  • WAKEFOIL SS Hardware Kit
  • Grease to be used on screws during assembly
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