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Why You Should Ride a Liquid Force FlexTrack Wakeboard w/ 4D Bindings

Liquid Force 2017

Why Should You Ride a FlexTrack and Why You Should Ride it with 4D Bindings?

The answer to this question is simple; because nothing you've ridden before will compare in terms of how well you'll feel connected to your board.  A FlexTrack board with 4D bindings is the ultimate setup for true response.  You'll feel as if your board and bindings are one, not two items pieced together.  Liquid Force is driven by offering products that allow you to improve your riding skills every time you get on the water.  FlexTrack is a tool to help you expand and push the limits.  You'll be amazed at how deep you can press any board with FlexTrack and how quickly the flex will rebound back and spring you into action.  The response is truly amazing and we can't wait for you to experience it for yourself.

Liquid Force FlexTrack

FlexTrack Is Wakeboarding's First Flexible Track!

The track moves with you and the board as you twist into carves and press onto rails, creating an unmatched connection and making you and your board one!

If you don't already have a set of Liquid Force 4D bindings, get yourself a pair of the most revolutionary wake bindings ever designed.  If you're hyped on the bindings you already have, it's no worries, as the FlexTrack is compatible with any standard 6" spread chassis.

Walk through the doors to micro-adjustability that Liquid Force FlexTrack opens up.  Set up your stance, slip your feet in, get your stance exactly the way you want it, and lock it in tight!

Liquid Force 4D Bindings

4D chassis have the smallest footprint of all wakeboard bindings!  The small footprint allows the board to perform at its truest flex, giving you maximum response.  4D bindings are also 15% lighter than previous models, meaning a more responsive binding, softer landings, and a more comfortable ride.

Liquid Force 4D Bindings Spec Sheet 1

Liquid Force 4D Bindings Shec Sheet 2

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